ROKEPIE ® - How to store or transport cells and tissue at 2-8 degrees C

Sonja van der Veen


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Learn more about hypothermic preservation.
This video shows you how to preserve cells & tissue at 2-8 degrees C. in the fridge. Ideal when you need to "pause" cells during the weekend, transport research material to another facility or want to extend shelf-life of your cells. ROKEPIE®is a new and innovative preservation product for all short-term preservation demands. It is non-toxic and very user-friendly. Just add, incubate, store, rewarm and re-use!

ROKEPIE is the best alternative for short-term (cryo)preservation. It offers all benefits of hypothermic cell preservation, and is easy to use and non-toxic after rewarming. ROKEPIE supports the process to pause cell growth, giving you the possibility to extend time windows, spread work load or conduct quality controls.