Teaster Baird, Jr.


arrow  Associate Professor (2008-present)

Position: Associate Professor
Lab P.I./Group Leader: Me
Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry
Employer/University: San Francisco State University
Location: San Francisco CA
Focus: Biochemistry
Research Experience:
Degree Earned: Biochemistry

arrow  Assistant Professor: (2002-2008)


arrow  Postdoctoral Scholar: (1998-2002)


arrow  Graduate Research Assistant: (1992-1997)


My BenchLife

When I'm not at the Bench, I'm: in the office or the classroom if I'm at work, or spending time with the family.
Who/What inspired me to become a Scientist: It's in the genes, man.
In 10 years I hope to be: still employed!
Teaster Baird, Jr.

My Publications (1)

1: Conversion of Trypsin to a Functional Threonine Protease

Protein Science 15 1229-1238 2006

Teaster T. Baird, Jr., William D. Wright, Charles S. Craik

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