We Believe

The greatest repository of knowledge and wisdom is in our fellow human beings.

We all deserve to be heard and to receive honest feedback on our work.

We all need help making tiny day-to-day positive adjustments. Our little acts benchmark success.

Scientist mentoring a student in the lab
Our founder's story

"In college, I was paired with a great mentor in my Chemistry research lab.

Chad had recently completed his Ph.D. and his feedback and guidance gave me a huge boost. He helped me see how to apply what we were learning. He gave me tips and tricks to do things more efficiently and effectively. He helped me see a bigger picture than I could see alone."

"Chad made me a much better scientist, yet getting paired with him was purely luck.

Since then, I have many times seen situations where I thought to myself 'Oh, that person could really use a "Chad” right now, or I could really use “Chad” right now.'"

I realized that even in the most prestigious academic settings, finding the mentorship to take the next steps, make small regular improvements, and advance towards your goals was a roll of the dice. Alan Marnett, Ph.D.
Illustration of BenchFly Founder Alan Marnett

We founded BenchFly with the desire to help each and every one of us:

  • Get helpful advice
  • Find the courage to take the next step
  • Build confidence in daily improvement
  • Realize our own full potential
Develop the genius within

Realize your potential one step at a time.

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