Genius is Built, Not Born

Experience step-by-step improvement with specific, personal, real-world feedback. Build confidence and realize your potential with BenchFly.

Drive personal growth with individual attention and real answers to real questions.

  • Catalyze student growth with direct, conversational feedback from teachers, peers, and community partners.
  • Empower students to give and receive advice that drives improvement in themselves and others.
  • Benchmark success with increased confidence, competence, and academic enjoyment.
Coach reaches out of his video player to give specific feedback to a student by pointing at a specific area of the student painting.
Shows how students and coaches interact by video while the teacher serves as a facilitator for the interaction.
The Student Experience

Knowing what to do next makes improvement easy

Explore driving questions

Respond to prompts, projects, and assignments posted by the teacher through video.

Show the work

Record and share short videos of work with peers, teachers, and community partners.

Get great feedback

Analyze and internalize responses and feedback data to understand how to improve on the next project. 

Feedback fuels confidence, clarity, and progression

Meaningful feedback is key to closing gaps in understanding.

BenchFly’s natural response engine makes it simple to give and get helpful advice in a format students really enjoy.

"Having someone talk to me about my work helps me know what I can do better next time. It feels good to be clear."

Sean, 7th grade student

"Video response is awesome. I was able to give much clearer and more detailed responses via video than I could have via text. It would have taken many times longer to write out an explanation that was as clear as what I could explain by speaking on a video. Video response is a real keeper as far as I'm concerned."

Steve B, Data Science Professor

The cycle of improvement using BenchFly. A student creates a painting, a coach gives feedback, the student learns how to improve the painting, and the teacher reviews it. Then the cycle repeats.

Over 32,000 pieces of feedback have been provided through BenchFly

Just 1 can change a life.

Want a crystal ball to see what your students are thinking?

Reveal the mysteries of engagement and understanding.

Our technology sheds light on your questions about student attention, interest, and comprehension. Put your finger on what students are learning and when. In our interactive player, pinpoint the ah-ha moments with intuitive analytics from our natural response engine. See the moment the lightbulb comes on or spot and support stragglers. Advance group learning and direct individual attention to where it’s needed.

Move beyond the traditional classroom

Build for a new normal and beyond. Improve instruction, engagement, and outcomes in all environments: in person, remote, hybrid, flipped, asynchronous, synchronous.

"I was very apprehensive starting this school year with the thought of teaching remotely. My students have struggled with technology in the past, even when I've been standing next to them in the classroom, but with BenchFly it is so easy to use, they caught on right away!" Wendy B, High School Special Education teacher
A grid of nine different professional locations that students can access through BenchFly from a doctor's office to a butcher shop.

It doesn't matter whether your room has desks, easels, car parts, or Bunsen burners.

A student uses a tablet in class to interact with a construction worker by video.

Access the wisdom of the real world from the safety of the classroom

  • Collaborate and learn from real world partners: in the classroom, at home, or anywhere, through asynchronous video.
  • "BenchFly is well-suited for connecting with CTE and Academy classrooms. The experiential learning, technical simulation, and virtual job shadowing through video is especially meaningful and useful in the time of COVID."
    - Ben V, Program Director

In class.
Across town.
Around the world.

BenchFly’s asynchronous idea exchange makes all connections close to home. Bring working professionals, outside experts, community partners, and practical inspiration into the classroom with ease.

"One of the most meaningful aspects of using BenchFly is my students getting to hear from someone who is not from their community. They can sometimes get so wrapped up in their school and their town that they forget that there is an entire world to connect with who are passionate about the same things that they are." Abby M, Dance teacher
A map shows a teacher and student interacting by video across town.
A professional reaches out of his video to help a student take the next step from the classroom to the real world.

Make the next leap

You love your students. We love your students, too. Eventually they will move on to new opportunities. Let's make the transition easy.

"Communicating well on camera is key in a world forever changed by COVID. I'm hearing from partners that video communication skills are a need to have to enter the job market and not just a fringe skillset." Bill M, District CTE Director
Built for the way it was. is. will be.
National Science Foundation logo

Developed with the National Science Foundation

Research-validated means it works

In a world filled with competing methods, models, philosophies, and promises, we believe in delivering solutions with proven results. Scientific methods and sound research are at the core of our DNA. We were founded over a decade ago as a learning exchange for best practices in science and research.

Simple and powerful

Works with any subject, grade, and curriculum.

"I love using this program. My students are graded on speaking and listening and I know that using BenchFly has already improved their grades."

- Kari F, 3rd grade literacy teacher

"BenchFly has been very helpful in reaching choir and theatre students. I can listen and watch performances of songs & monologues & respond with feedback in real time. Students can know exactly when they hit the right note or show strong characterization! I honestly don't know how I'd be teaching performance based classes if it weren't for BenchFly!"

- Lori J, High school choir and theater teacher

A long list of educational models, styles, and subjects that can use BenchFly.

Easy to Adopt

Works anywhere

Designed for phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop, BenchFly lets you engage on your schedule.

No IT hassles

Web-based software means no installations to manage. Use the technology you already have.

Easy setup

Simple URLs and scannable links makes building classrooms and assignments a breeze.

Phone friendly

Put the latent power in student pockets to work for active learning and dynamic engagement.

All tech welcome

PCs? Macs? We got you. Chrome OS? Works like a charm. We work with what you work with.

Empowering everyone

A cornerstone solution for primary, secondary, vocational, college, and alternate learning.

Content moderation

Keep the conversation on track and in bounds with flexible advanced controls.

Collaboration monitoring

Promote independence and keep tabs on it all with time saving oversight tools.

Blinded & unblinded data

Share data insights with your class while easily protecting individual privacy.

On the go or on the desk

It works wherever you do
Don't know what I'd do without BenchFly!

"I can listen and watch performances of songs & monologues & respond with feedback in real time.  Students can know exactly when they hit the right note or show strong characterization! I honestly don't know how I'd be teaching performance based classes remotely if it weren't for BenchFly!"

Lori J.
High School Theater Teacher
Opens new doors for curriculum design and interaction

"This technology fundamentally changes not only the way I design curriculum, but the way teachers interact with their students and the community, providing access to resources and knowledge that many of our students may not otherwise experience."

Olivia R.
District Curriculum Specialist
Teacher of the Year & Blue Ribbon Educator
Building confidence with supportive peers

"One student in particular has had trouble speaking up in the past, and after using BenchFly, she received not only encouragement but also specific feedback from other students. She is now speaking more loudly and articulately, and her confidence is improving."

Kari F.
3rd Grade Literacy Teacher
Outside voices are a welcomed change for students

It has been great to be able to use this resource. I absolutely loved our project where kids saw video feedback from an expert. This really helped them, and they were more likely to listen to someone other than me 😉”

Lisa B.
High School Biology Teacher
A new model for student mentorship

"This innovative technology will allow us even greater opportunities to strengthen our student mentorship, with the goal of seeing this business partner model thrive across our industry."

Marc P.
Senior Principal
Fun for students, easy for teachers to assess learning

"I asked a student who had done 14 video takes for his BenchFly assignment if he'd rather do a lab write up or a video and he said, "Oh, a video, by far". SO....even the kid who overworked it still preferred video to lab write ups. Plus, with the buttons and assessment questions built in, BenchFly makes it easy for teachers to assess learning."

Brenda R.
AP Biology Teacher
Interact across hallways or timezones

"I think this is a really exciting thing to have the possibility of interaction between students and reviewers in different parts of the world."

Steve B.
University Professor
Meaningful relationships connect students to real world

"We have found using BenchFly among classrooms and business partners to be an incredible solution for providing rich, meaningful relationships that helps students connect what they're learning in class to the world beyond it."

Bob K.
VP Partnerships
PENCIL Foundation
Experiential learning great for CTE and Academies

"BenchFly's platform and process is well suited for connecting with CTE and Academy classrooms. The experiential learning, technical simulation, and virtual job shadowing through video is especially meaningful and useful in the time of COVID."

Ben V.
Former Program Director
Junior Achievement

Building interactions, relationships, and confidence around the world since 2009.

12+ years in operation

Over a decade of working with students, educators, and community partners.

185+ countries

BenchFly has been used by learners from Albania to Zimbabwe.

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