Rachel Schecter


arrow  Graduate Student (2006-present)

Position: Graduate Student
Lab P.I./Group Leader: Nedivi
Department: Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Employer/University: MIT
Location: Cambridge MA
Focus: Neuroscience
Research Experience:
Degree Earned: Cellular and Molecular Biology

arrow  undergraduate researcher: (2003-2005)


My BenchLife

When I'm not at the Bench, I'm: Screwing around on the internet, playing sports, watching sports, watching TV, reading, and generally avoiding all things that remind me of all the data I don't yet have
Who/What inspired me to become a Scientist: Mr. Wizard and Edmunds Scientific, back when it was open to the public
In 10 years I hope to be: ...still not a graduate student. Just kidding, but in the way that accompanies uncomfortable laughter ending in a frown.
Other information: Free podcasts get me through my lab day. Some of my personal favorites are: 60 minutes, The Economist, This American Life, Preston and Steve (a radio show that is enjoyable for those with a slightly perverse sense of humor)
Rachel Schecter

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